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Other Specialty Services

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Applications Etc. will come into your business on a periodic basis and work with you and your staff to build your technical infrastructure. Instead of taking advantage of our individual consulting services, you may want us to come in (for example) 3 days per week and work closely with your staff to perform a series of training, installation, and technical support services.


You're probably an expert in your field, but you may not be an expert in technology. Let us train you and/or a key employee in how to utilize technology as a productive tool.

Personal one-on-one training
Small group training for your staff or clients
Comprehensive workshops on: Computer and Technology Fundamentals or Introduction to the Internet

Custom Programming

If you have a special project that needs to be done, it may require custom programming and/or design, let our custom programming services be of assistance.


Are you tired of spending money on Federal Express, AT&T or other medias. Let us show you how to harness the power of email and set your business up on the World Wide Web with our Web Design Services. You will definitely save money and be more efficient.

Technology Advisory Services

Applications Etc. will personally research a specific technology for you and provide you with detailed advice on if you should buy it, where from, how much it would cost, how best to implement it in your business, etc.

Technical Audit

Providing your business with a detailed technical analysis of where you are, where you can be, and how to get there. A technical review and analysis will clearly show you how technology can save you time & money, increase efficiency, and make you work a lot easier.