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Web Design & Hosting Services

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Strategic Planning

Applications Etc. will work with you to plan the very best strategy for your website. Analysis of key factors are crucial to creating a website that will not simply look good, but effectively market your interests.


The single most important aspect of an effective web site is simplicity. When looking at heavy traffic websites such as Microsoft, E-bay, CNET, and Amazon, they all have in common basic graphics, ease of use and powerful tools. That is exactly what we provide, customized specifically to your needs.

Full Customization

Scripts are crucial to maintaining an effective ecommerce site. We can integrate a selection of scripts into your site, and customize them to truly fit your particular needs and make your site unique.

Easy Navigation

Your site will be optimized to navigate easily.  Your site will be tested for load times under heavy traffic, and  speeds from the slowest connections to that of the fastest broadband.  It will be customized to truly make your site one of the most powerful, user friendly sites on the internet.

Additional Needs?

For any additional support information, needs or requirements,  Please e-mail us at support@applicationsetc.com.