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Telecommunication Systems

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 Areas of Expertise

  • LAN/WAN Development, Design & Implementation
  • Fixed and Wireless Communication System
  • High-speed Data Storage/Retrieval
  • Enterprise Mail Systems
  • Network Management
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Voice/Data Integration
  • Video and Audio Processing

Since the 1980s the world has witnessed an exploding growth in Personal Computers (PC's)  The first PCs were used primarily for games and word-processing, then spread sheets.  Digital Switching Systems, Data Base Management Systems and expert systems hav evolved to be smaller and more powerful.  Application Interfaces and Networks that translate both human and electronic languages have proliferated. The 21st century has witness an explosive growth in telecommunication systems. Computer networks not only connect information systems but also exhibit network synergy with the increased number of connections and users. As system evolve, the emphasis of correct design and analysis as well as the capacity expansion of computer networks become highly important.

The Telecommunication Systems explosion demands strong theoretical research that addresses Design, and Analysis of Wide Area Computer Networking. 

can provide the expertise in the following areas:

  • Design and  Analysis of Infrastructure.
  • Configuration of Routing Systems and Network Control.
  • Integration of Digital Switching Systems and Network Systems.
  • Topology Design and Network Configuration Problems.
  • Design and Analysis of Local and Wide Area Networks.
  • Network Design of distributive Gigabyte and Terabyte Systems.
  • Network and Telecommunications Interconnectivity.
  • Dynamics and Capacity Expansion of Communication/Network Systems.

's Telecommunication Services support covers all aspects of modeling, analysis, design and management of telecommunication and networking  systems.  The high quality dealing with the use of analytic and quantitative tools for modeling, analysis, design and management of these systems covers:

  • Impact of New Services (economic and organizational impact)
  • Dynamics and Capacity Expansion of Systems
  • Multimedia Based Systems, Design Configuration and Impact
  • Configuration of Distributed Systems
  • Pricing for Networking and Telecommunication Services
  • Distributed Group Decision Support Systems
  • Configuring Systems with Reliability and Availability
  • Cost Benefit Analysis and Economic Impact of Systems
  • Standardization and Regulatory Issues
  • Security, Privacy and Encryption in Systems
  • Cellular, Mobile and Satellite Based Systems