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believes that maintenance on your computer system is very much like changing oil in your car.  Periodic maintenance such as cleaning your computer or running the recommended programs below will keep your system at its optimum performance.  Failure to maintain your system can result in system slowdown, pop-ups, freezing and other abnormal results such as equipment failure. 
If you use the internet, There is over 90% chance your computer is infected with spyware - Source CNN

Most major Internet Service Providers (ISP) now offer security suites free of charge with your ISP subscription.  Consult your ISP for their download if your security suite is out-of-date or non-existent.  If your ISP does not provide one, free anti-viruses are available for home use.

The following are recommended to optimize your system.

Disk Cleanup - Cleaning out unused and dead files cluttering your storage device.
Disk Check - Corrects integrity, filing and storage errors.
Anti-Virus - An up-to-date anti-virus programs protects your system from known viruses.
Adware & Spyware Removal - Up-to-date anti-spyware programs protects your system from most adware, malware and spyware.
Windows Defender - Running Windows Defender further insures your system is protected from known adware, malware and spyware .
Disk Defragmenter - Re-organizes your files in an easy to retrieve order.
Microsoft /Windows/Automatic Updates - Keeps your Windows and programs free of known defects.

Any electronic device can cause a fire.  Humidity, dust and heat can be very damaging to your equipment.  If your computer equipment is located within six inches of the floor, a physical cleaning and inspection should be done at least every six months.  If it is on a desk or table, cleaning and inspection can be extended to once per year, depending on environmental conditions.  To prevent your system from overheating, keep the vents of your system (usually lower front) clear and clean so air can freely cool your system.  Periodically check the exhaust fans that they are free of dirt and dust and still working.  If the fans and vents are in need of cleaning, the rest of the system needs cleaned too.  If your system is kept in a closed cabinet, keep the cabinet clean and door open during use so ventilation is available to cool the system while operating.

offers for the Home Personal Computer a recommended maintenance package with instructions.  We are aware there are many products on the market to clean and address adware, malware and spyware issues.  You may have received pop-ups on your computer instructing you need their product to resolve your problems or you may have purchased one from a local retailer.  Marketers will tell you anything to sell you a product.  We have used and evaluated most of the products on the market.  There is not any one single product on the market that does it all.  A matter of fact, some of the best things in life are free.  We use a collection of products that we have found to eliminate most adware, malware and spyware and return your system to its optimum working order.  We have put together a PC Maintenance package to help you maintain your system in a similar manner.  If you are interested in these recommendation, you may visit our host server, www.aehost.net for instructions and downloads.