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How We Work

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not only understands the issues involved with today's business processes, but understands the technology infrastructure that our clients need to keep ahead of their competitors.

In today's business environment, our client's are re-engineering their business processes in order to enhance their competitive edge, increase their productivity, improve client services and meet the challenge of a global economy. Large organizations rely on internal IT professional services or on external IT consulting firms to re-engineer their business processes.

As organizations re-engineer their processes, they find it necessary to establish a new technology infrastructure to support these processes.

Our expert staff helps organizations leverage their existing infrastructure and recommends new solutions and technology infrastructures to meet their changing environment.

defines a consistent corporate-wide approach to manage the business and technical aspects of pursuing and fulfilling projects. This clearly defines the processes, reviews, management techniques, guidelines, practical applications, staffing, partnering, and documentation required to ensure project success.

's approach to the systems integration business is based on a four phased model.

Phase I - Analysis of Requirements

The key to an effective design and implementation of any project is to identify the client's business processes and the effect they have on the success of the business. By understanding the client's processes, we are able to help structure alternative solutions to be designed in Phase II and implemented in Phase III.

Phase II - Structuring of Solutions

works with the client to finalize the architecture and detailed design necessary to implement the projects solution. This includes the implementation steps required to integrate the new technology infrastructure without adversely impacting existing business.

Phase III - Implementation and Integration

excels in implementation and integration of solutions. As an independent, single source provider, our services are ideal for organizations that are installing new technology.

is the only vendor the client needs to interface regardless of location or nature of the issue.

The new technology infrastructure is integrated into clients business systematically using proven project management techniques.

deploys highly technical people with knowledge ranging from high end mainframes to open systems client/server environment and networking.

offers a complete suite of vendor-independent system integration services to the client as described in the Integration Services model.

focuses on the following market segments: Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Retail and Government.

Phase IV - Life Cycle Support

Some organizations choose to maintain their technology infrastructure with their own internal IT personnel. But for those clients who prefer to outsource this responsibility.

can provide assistance that offers: